" I began competitively powerlifting when I was 24. I saw it as an outlet to see how far I could push myself and a way to learn discipline. I was always curious to know, what was possible for me, if I really put my mind to it. Since then I have been fortunate to compete in the sport, increase in both physical and mental strength and have learned skills that I can apply to almost every area of my life.

My goal with powerlifting is to show others that there are truly no boundaries when you commit yourself to a goal. I want to inspire others through my journey in this sport to really push themselves and not to set a limit on their potential."

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The Lab Powerlifting Competition 2nd place.

 London Open Powerlifting Competition Award 2nd Place, June 2016

Award Sheridan Bruins Powerlifting Champions, February 2016 

Sheridan Bruins Athlete Scholarship Award, March 2016

Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate Award 2nd Place 181 lbs wt. class, June 2015

Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate Award 2nd Place Deadlift 181 lbs wt. class, June 2015

Paris Ontario The Fit Effect Powerlifting Competition 1st place 181lbs wt. class, April 2015

You'll Never know what's in you, Until you've given it all you've got.


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